What Are You Thinking?


(114 pages)

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The greatest battle we face is often fought between our ears. While some say you are what you eat, the Bible says you are what you think. Your thought life is powerful; it can either make you or break you spiritually. If Satan can control what you think, he can control what you do. In What Are You Thinking?, Dr. Mark Agan shows you how to protect yourself from the mental attacks you will face from Satan. What Are You Thinking? takes a look at what the mind is, and exposes the weapons Satan will try use against it. Most importantly, he gives you 7 specific principles to use that will help you win the battle of your mind.

Chapter 1: If I Only Had A Brain
Chapter 2: The Invisible Enemy
Chapter 3: One, Two Three…The Devil’s After Me!
Chapter 4: Mind Games
Chapter 5: Mind Control
Chapter 6: Seven Secrets To Winning the Battle
Chapter 7: What Does God Think About?

*All Scripture quotations are from the King James Version.