Keeping It All Together When It’s All Falling Apart


(68 pages)

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When you were a child, life was much simpler. Other than school work and a few chores around the house, it was pretty much a carefree life, yet you still couldn’t wait to become an adult. Then adulthood came, and with it came hard work and a lot of stress! That once simple life quickly became complicated. The life we once had control of is now falling apart. In “Keeping It All Together When It’s All Falling Apart,” you will see what the Bible says about how to regain control of a life that has gone out of control!

Chapter 1: You’re Starting To Lean
Chapter 2: Where Did God Go?
Chapter 3: Are You A Wise Guy?
Chapter 4: That’s Not All
Chapter 5: Could It Get Any Worse?
Chapter 6: God’s Formula for Peace of Mind
Chapter 7: The One Thing You May Be Missing

*All Scripture quotations are from the King James Version.