Born That Way After All

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Each day more young people seem to abandon what we know as natural and declare themselves to be gay or lesbian. They may often discard their faith or somehow justify their choices by claiming they were born that way.  They ask themselves “Why would a loving God create me in a way that is contrary to the Scriptures?”

Unfortunately, the Christian world has taken two opposite extremes, both which leave the individual without answers. Some decide that homosexuality is not a sin and that Christians need to ignore Scripture, ultimately condoning sin. The other extreme is to hatefully condemn those who question their sexuality as a hopeless cause with no way back.

It was the providence of God that led me to a young man who fit this description. He, like so many others I have met, sought answers from well meaning family, friends, pastors, counselors and teachers, but ended up more confused with even stronger feelings of guilt and shame. After years of fighting, this young man who had no attraction to women finally fled into a same-sex lifestyle that alienated him from his church, his family, his friends and his faith.

This book was written to explain to these people their unique purpose in life. Most Christians do not understand the significance of this Biblical truth and will discover how how to help those who have been deceived into a life of sin and dishonor.

No one is born contrary to God’s design. Every life has a purpose. Find out God’s purpose for those who were born without a desire for the other sex.

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  1. Easy to read and follow. Great message and can be very helpful. Truly inspired. Thank God for this book and I pray people read it for the message it delivers.

  2. This book has totally changed my perspective on the issue of homosexuality. As a Christian I thought that I was doing God’s will in how I was looking at this issue. I was at a loss on how to witness effectively towards them. This book has helped reveal to me the true Biblical way that God has laid out for this.

    Prior to reading this book I would say that it’s wrong period, end of story. As I have learned from life and God. You can’t just point out a problem without putting forward a solution. This book has shown me that solution.

  3. This book was recommended by a friend I respect. But I entered into reading it very skeptical, until I got about 1/4 of the way in.

    Mr Nixon has taken hold of a passage that has long perplexed many and given a very plausible interpretation.
Some of his sweeping opinions may not resonate completely, but his foundation is sound. He may just have the answer for many caught in this trap.

    This book if very much worth consideration by anyone who is concerned about the subject of homosexuality/lesbianism AND concerned about following Biblical truth at the same time.

  4. I read this book in one evening. It is very easy and interesting. He basically takes a confusing scripture (Matthew 19:12), and using the personal example of a young man he counseled, gives clarity. He is not saying that homosexuality is normal or okay. But what he is saying is that if we look at the homosexual through the eyes of this Scripture…we can better help him.

    He is clear that our (90% of born again Christians) current hostile view of homosexuality may do more to harm rather than help them heal. He gives ideas of helping and even reaching out to homosexuals. And it is very possible that a homosexual reading this book may have an “aha!” moment and figure out on their own what went wrong.

  5. I can’t tell you how powerful this book is! In a time when so many are struggling to make sense of same-sex attraction and how that fits in with the Bible and the Christian faith, this book hits the nail on the head! I have been in church my entire life and have never heard such a clear, biblical answer as to why this struggle occurs even among many who claim to be true Christians.

    “Born That Way After All” gives a biblical answer that finally makes sense! They ARE born that way, just not the way the world wants us to think.

    This book is perfect for that friend, or family member you know who struggles with this. There is hope, and this book has the answer you’ve been searching for. You will want to get several copies of this one to give away. You will also want to get an extra high-lighter because you will find a ton of good, solid, teaching that you will want to come back to later. Great book!

  6. Definitely a book I will recommend for Christians. It was enlightening and encouraging. Only gives one possible explanation that applies to some, not all, but one I had never heard before and makes complete sense Biblically.

  7. God wants all of His children to love Him with all our hearts and to love our neighbors as ourselves. That’s what it all boils down to. In our culture, every believer needs a solid biblical worldview about this topic, so that we can serve God and mankind with knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

    We like to think it’s easy to keep our blinders on and pretend that ugly situations aren’t going to park in our front yards, but be aware and be prepared!! We live in a wicked society that is heading in the stark opposite direction of the boundaries of safety that our Lord has established for our protection. We need to know the Word and be prepared to help the hurting and the fallen!!

    This author tried neither to sugarcoat nor glaze over a topic that is controversial and uncomfortable to many believers in modern-day America. This book is full of fascinating biblical truths that have been ignored, and these truths have so many times been denied the ability to impact those who are struggling with confusion.

    This is an easy read, and the power of God is evident on this ministry. I’ve had the opportunity to attend a couple of conferences in which the author spoke, and a number of delegates came forth in each of those, admitted their struggles, and finally received the help and affirmation that they have only dreamed of until now. Kudos to you both for tackling a hard topic!

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