Born That Way After All

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Each day more young people seem to abandon what we know as natural and declare themselves to be gay or lesbian. They may often discard their faith or somehow justify their choices by claiming they were born that way.  They ask themselves “Why would a loving God create me in a way that is contrary to the Scriptures?”

Unfortunately, the Christian world has taken two opposite extremes, both which leave the individual without answers. Some decide that homosexuality is not a sin and that Christians need to ignore Scripture, ultimately condoning sin. The other extreme is to hatefully condemn those who question their sexuality as a hopeless cause with no way back.

It was the providence of God that led me to a young man who fit this description. He, like so many others I have met, sought answers from well meaning family, friends, pastors, counselors and teachers, but ended up more confused with even stronger feelings of guilt and shame. After years of fighting, this young man who had no attraction to women finally fled into a same-sex lifestyle that alienated him from his church, his family, his friends and his faith.

This book was written to explain to these people their unique purpose in life. Most Christians do not understand the significance of this Biblical truth and will discover how how to help those who have been deceived into a life of sin and dishonor.

No one is born contrary to God’s design. Every life has a purpose. Find out God’s purpose for those who were born without a desire for the other sex.